A Journey Inside the Bizarre Mind of Michael Christian Sleggs

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A Journey Inside the Bizarre Mind of Michael Christian Sleggs

Celebrate the life and humour of Michael Sleggs with this exclusive book.

Michael Sleggs is probably best known for his portrayal of Slugs on the BBC BAFTA award winning TV comedy, This Country.  However, those who knew him best knew he was a born entertainer who was always able to see the funny side of things despite the many difficulties that life threw his way. With more time on his hands than most, he enjoyed making films (you might enjoy looking up ‘Date Night Deadly Night’ on his Youtube channel) and creating weird and wonderful Photoshops.

He made well over 500 Photoshops – mostly of friends and family – but this book contains a selection of the ones that possibly have more universal appeal and are mostly of his most obliging subjects (himself and his ever-adoring cat, Todd). These Photoshops are a great insight into his slightly warped sense of humour and incredible imagination. We hope you enjoy them!

We have decided to donate £2 for every book sold to Great Ormond Street Hospital as a thank you for the amazing care he received there over the years.

Michael had numerous complex heart operations for his congenital heart defects and then spent a further 6 months at GOSH as an inpatient when he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma during his GCSEs. Despite his poor health Michael still lived a full and happy life – he went to amazing places, had fantastic friends and enjoyed a range of interesting jobs culminating in the ultimate honour – acting alongside friends in a hit TV comedy!

A life complete, he courageously bowed out on 9th July 2019 aged 33 (the same age as his ultimate hero and Saviour).

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£2 from each sale goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital