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  • Choice of paper thickness
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  • Choose glossy, matt or uncoated finish
  • Laminate the cover

A5 Self Cover Brochures

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A5 brochures are 148mm wide by 210mm or 5.8″ x 8.3″
Smaller than the traditional A4 brochure. A5 is a common paper size used for brochures and is a size that that feels familiar to consumers. An A5 brochure is a great way to advertise your wares and allows enough room to show services you offer combined with some imagery and enough space for pictures, text, tables and more.
An A5 brochure is a good alternative to larger sizes as these are more manageable, especially when you have a high volume passing trade. Exhibitions and conferences are a great way to distribute these handy sized marketing tools. A5 70% smaller than A4, yet still packs a punch.
The A5 size is perfect for people to grab and go – useful in many situations.


A self cover brochure simply means that the cover is printed on the same material or paper as the rest of the brochure. This is often a good way to reduce cost as it means that the item can be printed and simply collated, creased if required, folded and trimmed to size.

However a non-self cover brochure requires the covers to be printed separately to the text pages and then collated at the finishing stage. The advantage of this is that the cover can be on a different material – so a heavier weight of paper or card, and even a different finish – some customers may opt for a gloss finish or even a lamination.


We recommend a slightly heavier stock for brochures, a 150gsm is a classic choice and never fails to impress.

The paper finishes is an important choice to make when designing your brochure. Many customers opt for a glossy finish to the paper while some prefer a matt effect. Glossy finishes are great for colourful photographs and reproduction of bright images. Matt or sometimes called silk finishes are often used for brochures too. Matt finishes allow for good image reproduction and is great for text and diagrams too. Popular uncoated materials are papers which do not have a gloss or matt coating and allow the grain of the paper to show through. uncoated materials have a rougher feel and are often more desirable when you are looking for a classic finish.

When deciding on which type and weight of paper it’s important to consider the design and feel that you wish to convey. Often overlooked by some designers the paper type and finish can make or break a good design and so should be considered carefully before committing to print.
In order to print a brochure the total number of pages must be divisible by four for example 4 pages, 12 Pages, 16 Page etc. Printing 22 pages or 26 pages is not a viable option. Get it offer a range of paginations to choose from.

We also offer a range of quantities from as little as 25 copies up to 5000 copies enabling you to order as few or as many brochures as you may need we recommend ordering a small number if you’re not sure that you can always add more later. The flexibility of being able to order just 25 brochures allows get it’s customers to your order enough brochures for an exhibition or specific event. This is a great choice for customers who attend events and exhibitions infrequently and do not need to stockpile thousands and thousands of brochures. Our fast turnaround digital printing machines allow us to quickly produce brochures meaning that you can order as and when you need to.

Get it brochures featuring less than 48 pages are stitched in the centrefold. This process results in a finished product which is securely held in place by what looks like a staple but is in fact a wire stitch.

For brochures with more than 48 pages we would recommend perfect binding this gives a finish which is robust and offers a neat finished similar to that found in magazines and catalogues. A larger volume of pages will result in a visible spine.

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